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Lululemon Align Jogger 28”
Athleta Farallon Jogger
Vuori Performance Jogger as part of the 15 best sweatpants
Fourlaps Flex Jogger
Under Armour Qualifier Speedpocket Pant
Boxraw Johnson Bottoms
Alo Yoga Urban Moto Sweatpant
Nike Flex Training Pants
Rhone Spar Jogger
Ten Thousand Interval Pant
Reebok DreamBlend Cotton Knit Pants
Eddie Bauer Treign Jogger Pants
Outdoor Voices Track Pant
Beyond Yoga Spacedye Jogger
ALALA Fast Track Pant
The best sweatpants for exercise should feel light, easy to move in and not trap sweat.

Sweats are the new jeans. But that doesn't necessarily mean that any pair you buy for lounging can double as workout sweatpants or joggers.


Depending on the sweatpants' features, fabric and fit, they can either make for a great workout companion or just trap sweat, weigh you down and ride up around your waist.

Video of the Day

Video of the Day

Here, training share the best sweatpants and joggers that aren't just comfy and attractive — they perform in the gym, on the running trail or wherever else your workouts take you.

How We Chose

We chatted with personal trainers and fitness instructors to find out which sweatpants they love, both in and out of the gym. From there, we narrowed down our top picks based on their criteria, including:

  • Fabric
  • Fit
  • Comfort level
  • Added features


We make deliberate choices about the language we use when it comes to gender. While more brands now carry gender-neutral workout clothes, you’ll still typically see clothing brands market their products to men or women.

The main difference between most women's and men's sweatpants is the fit: Men's versions tend to be longer in length and roomier in the front due to physical differences. However, fabrics, quality and comfort should be the same between gender-labeled pairs. We encourage everyone to purchase the products that feel right for them.

Our Picks

  • Best for Waist Support: ‌Lululemon Align High-Rise Jogger ($118, Lululemon)
  • Most Secure Pockets: ‌Athleta Headlands Hybrid Trek Jogger ($108, Athleta)
  • Best Gender-Inclusive: ‌Adidas X Parley 7/8 Pants ($72, Adidas)
  • Softest: ‌Vuori Performance Jogger ($98, men's; $94, women's, Vuori)
  • Best Tapered Leg: ‌Fourlaps Flex Jogger ($73.50, Fourlaps)
  • Best for Stretch: ‌Nike Dri-FIT Vent Max Pants ($80, Nordstrom)
  • Best for Cold Weather: ‌Boxraw Johnson Bottoms ($65, men's; $70, women's, Boxraw)
  • Best for Sweaty Workouts: ‌Rhone Spar Jogger ($128, Rhone)
  • Best for Odor Protection: ‌Ten Thousand Interval Pant ($118, Ten Thousand)
  • Best for Layering: ‌Reebok DreamBlend Cotton Knit Pants ($60, Reebok)
  • Best for Versatility: ‌Outdoor Voices Rectrek Pant ($98, men's and women's, Outdoor Voices)
  • Best for Plus Sizes: ‌Beyond Yoga Spacedye Jogger ($110, Beyond Yoga)
  • Most Stylish: ‌ALALA Fast Track Pant ($165, ALALA)

1. Best for Waist Support: Lululemon Align High-Rise Jogger

Best for Waist Support

Lululemon Women's Align High-Rise Jogger

These wide-waisted joggers are made out of Align, Lululemon's softest, stretchiest fabric that still wicks sweat.

  • Sizes: ‌0 to 14
  • Feature: ‌thick waistband

Although Lululemon is probably best known for top-notch leggings, don't skip their sweats. We love the wide waistband on these athletic joggers. It sits high and hugs tight, so you never need to even think about adjusting mid-workout — it just stays put.

"I love anything Align," Or Artzi, CPT, an Equinox+ founding trainer, says. "The fabric is so soft and thin that you can move freely as if you have nothing on your body! The sweats come in different lengths, too, have a great cut and stitches that make your body look fit and fabulous. They come in so many beautiful colors."


Plus, these sweat-wicking, breathable pants don't get stretched out in the laundry, no matter how many times you wear or wash them. The trademarked Nulu fabric is buttery soft and feels so comfy.

2. Most Secure Pockets: Athleta Headlands Hybrid Trek Jogger

Most Secure Pockets

Athleta Women's Headlands Hybrid Trek Jogger

From size 0 to 26, you won't have to worry about losing your keys or phone during a run thanks to zippered pockets in these Athleta joggers.

  • Sizes:‌ 0 to 26
  • Feature:‌ zipper pocket

Originally designed for hiking, these joggers are one of the best workout sweatpants you can buy. They're made out of a lightweight fabric that's breathable even when things heat up, and come with a sun-protection rating of UPF 50-plus.


"I like joggers that are made out of lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics and have an unrestricted feel," Meghan Hayden, CPT, a certified personal trainer and director of training at Ghost in Brooklyn, New York, says.


We love the zipper pockets, too: They'll keep all your valuables stored safely while you train. Check them out in inclusive size options ranging from 0 to 26.


3. Best Gender-Inclusive: Adidas X Parley 7/8 Pants

Adidas X Parley 7/8 Pants

Adidas designed these joggers with environment-friendly cotton and all genders in mind.

  • Sizes:‌ XS to 2XL
  • Feature:‌ gender neutral sizing

These track pants have a loose fit but thanks to the drawcord around the waist, you can customize to find your perfect size. And the tailored design with thick, above-the-ankle cuffs gives them a more clean-cut finish than a standard pair of workout sweats.

Unlike most clothing, these joggers are a gender neutral design, so the sizing may not be what you're used to seeing. Before you buy, double check the size chart to find your best pair.


4. Softest: Vuori Performance Jogger


Vuori Performance Dreamknit Joggers

The DreamKnit fabric in these joggers from Vuori is can't-stop-touching soft, and lasts through multiple washes.

Ponto (Men's)

  • Sizes: ‌XXS to XXL
  • Feature:‌ buttery soft fabric

You'll feel secure with these joggers' high-rise, ribbed, thick waistband, according to Hayden, who especially loves the addition of a drawstring to these pants.

The pants are made from breathable fabric, and we found them to be extremely comfy and dry quickly post-sweat session. We also have yet to find another pair of joggers that are soft as these: The almost-brushed-fabric feel remains, wash after wash.


We've bought these in most colors. Sizes range from XXS to XXL for both men's and women's versions.

5. Best Tapered Leg: Fourlaps Flex Jogger

Best Tapered Leg

Fourlaps Flex Jogger

Need to keep things tight during a workout? The tapered legs on these joggers keeps things out of the way.

  • Sizes:‌ S to XXL
  • Feature: ‌tapered leg

You can feel good wearing these pants when you work out, not only because they perform well, but also because they're made from recycled nylon material with four-way stretch. The tapered bottoms keep the pants from getting in the way and distracting you while you're lifting, stretching or sprinting.

"These aren't just functional and able to hold up during my workouts, but they are stylish enough for you to rock them to a meeting or to grab a bite to eat with friends without feeling underdressed," Kelvin Gary, CPT, owner of Body Space Fitness in New York City, says.


They're available in sizes small to extra extra large.

6. Best for Stretch: Nike Dri-FIT Vent Max Pants

Best for Stretch

Nike Men's Dri-FIT Vent Max Pants

Breathable panels and a seriously stretchy fabric means these joggers move with you through runs, lifts and more.

  • Sizes:‌ S to XXL
  • Feature:‌ four-way stretch fabric

Consider these the best Nike sweatpants for men. The tapered hems on these pants keep them from getting in your way, whether you're on a treadmill or lifting a barbell. They're made out of extremely flexible fabric, flowing with your body with zero movement restriction. Choose to fold over the elastic waistband, or just tie the drawstring and leave the waist high.

"These look nice on and hold up under the pressure of a workout," Gary says. "While they're not slim fit, they don't feel too baggy, and you don't ever feel like you're overheating either."

7. Best for Cold Weather: Boxraw Johnson Bottoms

Best for Cold Weather

Boxraw Johnson Bottoms

A warm, anti-pill knit with a thick waistband ensures these joggers are comfy without being baggy.

  • Sizes: ‌XS to 3XL
  • Feature: ‌thick elastic waistband with drawstring

A thick, ribbed waistband ensures these sweats stay up and on, no matter what you're doing. They're sized from extra small to triple extra large in the men's version, and have two front zippered pockets so you can securely store personals. The bottoms are cuffed, too, so nothing is too baggy or in the way.

"The thick cotton fleece fabric keeps my legs warm while riding my bike around town all year round," Hayden says. "The tight, high-waisted waistband gives my body shape and looks great with any sneakers. And the loose fit around the leg allows me to wear my favorite workout shorts or leggings underneath them without bunching."

The fabric is also anti-pilling, so you can put that sweater shaver away with this joggers.

8. Best for Sweaty Workouts: Rhone Spar Jogger

Best for Sweaty Workouts

Rhone Spar Jogger

One reviewer called these soft, sweat-wicking pants the "best jogger you will ever find."

  • Sizes:‌ S to XXL
  • Feature:‌ durable, moisture-wicking fabric

Throw on these sweat-wicking joggers before you hit the weight room or pound the pavement, but be warned that the soft poly-nylon-spandex blend fabric may keep you from wanting to take them off after.


"They are lightweight and fitted, and they dry quickly even after a pretty sweaty workout," Noam Tamir, CSCS, certified strength and conditioning specialist and owner of TS Fitness in New York Cit, says. "They have a zippered back pocket, too, so if you have things that are small and light you can store them and not worry about losing them."

Choose from black, navy or gray in sizes small to extra extra large.

9. Best for Odor Protection: Ten Thousand Interval Pant

Best for Odor Protection

Ten Thousand Interval Pant

Two different inseams, five colors and a silver treatment means you'll find an odor-free fit for you with these joggers.

  • Sizes:‌ XS to XXL, short and regular
  • Feature: ‌breathable, anti-odor fabric

Owned and operated by athletes, this brand is very tuned into what's needed for workout sweatpants to perform at a high level, explains Trevor Franklin, CPT, a coach at For All Movement in New York City.

"They're one of the best sweatpants I have tried in a while," certified functional strength coach Anthony Crouchelli, CFSC, a master trainer at Grit Boxing in New York City, says. "They're sweat-wicking and breathable, thanks to built-in panels, and have a perfect tailored cut that works to wear both during your workouts or during your daily routine."

10. Best for Layering: Reebok DreamBlend Cotton Knit Pants

Best for Layering

Reebok DreamBlend Cotton Knit Pants

Want a break from leggings? These can be layered with shorts or other workout pants to keep you warm in colder weather.

  • Sizes: ‌2XS to XL
  • Feature:‌ soft fabric with side pockets

Is comfort your biggest priority? Consider purchasing this pair of sweats. Reebok's DreamBlend fabric combines cotton, recycled polyester and elastane for a super-soft feel.

"These are perfect to wear on top of my workout pants for extra warmth in the winter or if I want to take a break from leggings," Hayden says.

Choose from a wide variety of sizes with a drawstring to customize the fit.

11. Best for Versatility: Outdoor Voices Rectrek Pant

Best for Versatility

Outdoor Voices RecTrek Pant

Like to go from the trail to lunch? These OV pants come in both men's and women's versions and are made from a comfy, stylish fabric.

  • Sizes: ‌XXS to 3XL
  • Feature: ‌stretch and durable, water-resistant fabric

These versatile pants combine a mid-rise waist and slightly cropped length. They're extremely breathable, and you'll love the roomy, straight-leg fit.


"Outdoor Voices' joggers are extremely comfy," Eric Rakofsky, CPT, a certified personal trainer in New York City, says. "You can easily move in them, which makes them great for workouts, plus they show off the legs well for leg day."

The fabric is a midweight material and made to resist water, spills and most stains, with four-way stretch and a slick feel. Rakofsy says they're good-looking enough for post-gym, too: "They're even appropriate for a casual dinner, which makes it easy to go right from the gym."

12. Best for Plus Sizes: Beyond Yoga Spacedye Jogger

Best for Plus Sizes

Beyond Yoga Spacedye Midi Jogger

Beyond Yoga makes these uber-soft joggers with a wide waistband up to a size 4X for women in four neutral core colors.

  • Sizes: ‌XS to 4X
  • Feature:‌ tapered fit

We can't get enough of these pants' extremely wide waistband. It sits flat against your mid-section and doesn't move or budge at all.

And these joggers aren't skin tight by any means, but they do have a tapered look that's flattering on all. And the feel of the fabric is so incredibly soft, they may be come your favorite pair of sweats in no time.

"If I plan on wearing joggers for my workout, I go for lightweight, sweat-wicking fabric and an unrestricted feel like these," Hayden says.

These also have UV protection for sunny days and are easy to care for: Machine wash and dry and go.

13. Most Stylish: ALALA Fast Track Pant

Most Stylish

ALALA Fast Track Pant

Mesh panels on the outside of these joggers elevates them for travel or office days.

  • Sizes: ‌XS to XL
  • Feature: ‌mesh trim

You'll love how breathable this pair of pants are, thanks to the mesh panels that run down the outside of each leg. They have a more relaxed fit, with a thick waistband and drawstring for a secure fit.

"These joggers are perfect on days I want to feel free," Hayden says. "No pressure, no tightness around my belly or legs, just free-flowing movement. They come in handy on days I feel bloated, have a tummy-ache or want to feel cozy, yet still look professional."

Check them out in sizes extra small to extra large.

What to Consider Before Buying Sweatpants and Joggers

1. Fit

Consider what you're going to be doing in your sweatpants. Yes, you can wear most pairs lounging around the house, but heavy, cotton sweats aren't going to perform well in the gym.

"The big thing I stay away from is a 'baggy' or 'loose' fit," Couchelli says. "For me, this type of cut has always made it difficult in the gym, with the pants getting caught on equipment. It's a constant struggle to keep them from sliding down on lower-body days."

That said, some people prefer a baggier fit, but it's still important that the pants have a secure waistband and tapered cuffs, so the pants don't fall down or get in the way, Hayden says.

2. Fabric

The fabric of your joggers matters more than you may realize.

Are you looking for a pair of pants to help you get a little extra sweat in on cardio days? Then you may want to go for a baggier, thicker pant option. Hayden recommends thick cotton or fleece fabrics to stay warm. High waists tend to work well.

Or maybe you want to wear your joggers during high-intensity interval training workouts. Your concern: don't overheat or get too sweaty.

"I look for a lightweight, breathable material," says Franklin. "I want my sweats to also have four-way stretch so that I can move in all planes of motion. And when it comes to the waistband, I prefer a mesh fabric, so that it's not too tight, but sits nicely on my hips and doesn't move."

3. Added Features

Once you've decided on fit and fabric, it's time to think about what other features you want in your jogger sweatpants. Think about how you'll be using them. It'll help you decide what features make the most sense for you.

"I look for pockets that zip," says Alonzo Wilson, founder and director of training at Tone House in New York City. If you run commute to work or are frequently getting in and out of cars, secure pockets are important.

Do you want a thick or thin waistband? A high, low or customizable waist? "I like joggers with a tie waistband, so I can adjust throughout the workout," says Hayden.