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Garyway Deep-Tissue Muscle Massage Gun
Lamincoa Women's Tennis Shoes
MOERDENG Men's Breathable Fashion Sneaker
LifePro Under-Desk Elliptical
Fitbit Sense Advanced Smartwatch
A AZURELIFE Resistance Bands Set
workout leggings, fitness tracker and folding treadmill as some of the best Amazon Prime Day fitness deals
Core 10 Women's Mesh Tank
LifePro Pacer Folding Treadmill
Samsung Galaxy Buds
Under Armour Men's Charged Pursuit 2 Running Shoe
RAYPOSE Women's Leggings
Starter Men's Short-Sleeve Tech T-Shirt
Shop these Amazon Prime Day fitness deals for workout clothes, shoes, tech and exercise equipment.
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When chasing fitness goals, your gear matters. But, let's face it, so does cost. Lucky for you, Amazon Prime Day has arrived!


As one of the most highly anticipated shopping events of the year, Amazon Prime Day (an exclusive perk for Prime members) offers huge discounts on more than 250,000 best-selling products. This year, it all starts on July 12 and ends on July 13.

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And if you love to work out, you definitely don't want to miss out. For one, you can get plenty of wish-list-worthy products for a fraction of the cost during this sale.

To help you save time sifting through thousands of discounts, we narrowed down the top Prime Day deals on highly rated workout clothes, shoes, tech and exercise equipment. Time to get shopping!

Prices are subject to change throughout the course of Amazon Prime Day, July 12 to July 13, as some of the sales have passed. We’ll update this article regularly as more information becomes available.

A Quick Language Note

We make deliberate choices about the language we use when it comes to gender. While more brands now carry gender-neutral workout clothes, you’ll still typically see clothing marketed to men or women. We've included "men's" and "women's" labels below, according to each company's description. However, we encourage everyone to purchase the products that feel right for them.

Workout Clothes

1. BALEAF Women's Athletic Short-Sleeved Running T-Shirt

You can never own too many workout tees. This one from BALEAF features breathable, moisture-wicking materials to keep sweat at bay, whether you're at the bench or on the treadmill.


Another perk: You can buy this pick in a wide range of sizes, from S to XXL, as well as 11 different colors.

​Buy (women's); (similar men's version); ​​Price:​ $18.99

2. Leidowei Men's 2-in-1 Workout Running Shorts

To get the most out of your run or lift session, you want a distraction-free experience. In other words, you don't want to be constantly re-adjusting your compression shorts. So, save yourself the trouble with a pair of 2-in-1 bottoms.



These breathable shorts have a built-in compression liner that gives support without any unwanted bunching and movement.

​Buy it:​ ​ (men's); (women's version);​ ​Price:​ $23.98 (men's originally $29.99); $24.99 (women's originally $27.99)

3. Yvette Strappy Zip Front High-Impact Sports Bra

This ultra-supportive sports bra is ideal for any kind of high-intensity workout, including interval training, running and weight lifting. Plus, it zips in the front, which means you won't have to yank and tug your bra over your head once your workout is over.


Buy; ​Price: ​$34.99 (originally $45.99)

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Exercise Shoes

1. New Balance Women's FuelCore Nergize V1 Sneaker

In need of a good walking shoe? Or maybe you're searching for something comfortable enough for your daily errands. This New Balance sneaker has lightweight cushion that gives the perfect support for your day-to-day movement.


Buy; ​Price: ​$44.03 to $157.85

2. Feetmat Non-Slip Gym Sneakers

Love a pair of shoes that fit like a sock? Feetmat's sneakers are breathable and light, making them perfect for all-day walking, dancing or just about any other activity. They also have a rubber, slip-resistant sole for ultimate safety when you lunge and jump.



Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price:​ $25.99 to $43.99

3. Adidas Questar Running Shoe

With hundreds of five-star reviews, these Adidas running shoes are a must-try for new runners and experienced racers alike. The mesh upper offers enough breathability for sweaty training sessions and the lightweight cushion helps protect your joints from consistent impact.


Buy (men's); (women's); ​Price:​ $46.26 to $155.04

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Fitness Tech

1. Kospet Smart Watch

Fitness watches have come a long way from just tracking your steps and heart rate. This advanced fitness tracker has built-in sensors that can track a number of activities, including cycling, swimming and tennis. It also has a blood pressure tracker and can monitor your movement, pace and distance. In sum, it's the perfect training companion on your wrist.

Buy; ​Price:​ $47.99 (originally $59.99)

2. Theragun Mini

Massages are pricey and they can add up pretty quickly. But with a personal massage gun, you can save your wallet some grief and enjoy a DIY massage right at home. This handheld mini Theragun is the perfect recovery tool you can store right in your bag or bedside table.


Buy;​ Price:​ $159.00 (originally $199)

3. Apple AirPods Pro

Sick of getting tangled in your workout headphones? AirPods are the perfect tiny, chord-free earbuds you need for your training session. The AirPod Pro's even have a noise-cancellation option, so you don't have to worry about outside noise disturbing your lift or run (just make sure to follow safety precautions and watch for traffic).

Buy; ​Price:​ $169.99 (originally $249)

Workout Gear and Equipment

1. MAXTOP 40/50L Lightweight Packable Backpack

What makes a good hiking backpack? Well, there are plenty of factors to look for but weight is definitely a big one. This lightweight hiking pack has a barely-there feel and it's even water-resistant in case you get caught in a little drizzle.

Buy; ​Price: ​$23.99 to $28.99

2. Xmifer Oversized Bike Seat

An overly-small bike seat is sure to ruin even the most scenic bike rides. Instead of cycling in agony, swap your OG bike seat for this oversized option instead. This seat has waterproof leather and memory foam padding, too.

Buy; ​Price: ​$22.99 (originally $24.99)

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3. KastKing Skidaway Polarized Sport Sunglasses

Bright sunlight can definitely put a damper on your workout, especially if your preferred activities (like volleyball) involve gazing toward the sky. But these polarized sunglasses can give your eyes a little relief from the glare.

Plus, these have a scratch-resistant coating, so you won't have to wince if they ever fall to the ground.

Buy; ​Price: ​$21.59 (originally $26.99)



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