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On a long hike, hydration is key and this vest makes it easy.
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It's not cute but I'll go ahead and say it: I'm a sweaty athlete. In my defense, it takes a lot of effort for me to break a sweat, but once I start to perspire, it's extremely hard to stop.


Due to my body's superior ability to keep itself cool (now I'm bragging), I lose a lot of hydration, especially on workout days. So, when I decided to book a trip to Hawaii to both vacation and indulge in some intense exercise, I knew a standard water bottle wouldn't cut it. Enter: my Nathan hydration vest.

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Functionality and Features

I'd never worn a hydration vest before, so a little research was required. I knew I wanted pockets, moisture-wicking fabric and, of course, a big water supply, considering I'd be hiking, biking and running in some pretty humid, sweltering conditions.

Nathon's VaporAiress 3.0 vest met all those requirements — and more. This lightweight vest holds 7 liters of water, which is plenty for even my longest treks or bike rides. But this vest even has enough space for additional water bottles in the front.

I especially loved the storage options. Every pocket on this pack zips shut, which is necessary on a bumpy run or steep climb. Plus, the back of the vest has a larger zip compartment that even fit my folded-up rain jacket — a necessity if you're hiking through a tropical forest.


The fabric was moisture-wicking, so I didn't have to be too worried about my sweat getting to my cell phone. And the breathable mesh was super helpful, considering my above-mentioned sweat issues.

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Stay Hydrated With Your Own Nathan Vest

My hydration vest and I were inseparable during my trip, but the love affair doesn't end in Hawaii. I'm definitely planning to keep using this product, especially during my longer cycling workouts and runs.


If you're totally new to hydration vests or looking to upgrade yours, Nathan's VaporAiress should sit at the top of your list.

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