Resistance Band Exercises for the Inner Thigh

A resistance band is an inexpensive and portable tool that can be used to strengthen your inner thigh muscles. The inner thigh muscles are known collectively as the adductors. This muscle group includes the adductor brevis, adductor longus and adductor magnus muscles. The job of these muscles, along with the gracilis and pectineus, is to move the leg toward the midline of the body.

Slim your inner thighs.
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Lying-down Leg Adduction with Band

The lying-down leg adduction exercise uses a resistance band to target one inner thigh at a time. This exercise is performed lying on your back and you will need a sturdy object like a table or couch to tie a resistance band against. To perform the exercise, lie face up on the floor with your left ankle near a sturdy object. Tie one end of the resistance band to the object, tie the other end to your left ankle and spread your legs slightly. Keeping your left leg extended, bend your right knee and place the sole of your right foot on the floor. Adjust your body if necessary so the band is taut and then relax your arms on the floor. Lifting your left leg several inches off the floor, pull it toward your right leg against the band's resistance. Move the leg back to the start position and repeat for the desired number of reps before switching to your right side.

Standing Hip Adduction with Band

The standing hip adduction exercise uses a resistance band to work your adductors from a standing position. One set of adductors works while you stand on the other leg. Stand up with your right side next to a sturdy object. Loop a band around your right ankle and the object and tie off the ends of the band. Relax your arms at your sides and squeeze your abs. Then, pull your right leg away from the object and cross it in front of your left shin. Return your right leg to the start position. Complete a set of the desired number of reps, then turn around and tie the band around your left ankle. Repeat.

Resisted Lateral Walks

Resisted lateral walks is a resistance band exercise that targets your outer and inner thighs. You can either tie the ends of the band together around your ankle or use a circular resistance band. Position the band around your ankles and stand up straight. Put your hands on your hips and tuck your tailbone. Squeeze your abs to stabilize your pelvis. Next, step to the right as far as you can without turning your hips out or titling your pelvis. Slowly, in a controlled manner, move your left foot toward your right. Continue moving to the right for the desired number of reps and then work your way back toward the left, performing an equal number of reps. Your feet should point straight forward throughout the exercise.

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