What Are the Benefits of Lemon Water with Cayenne & Ginger?

A glass of lemon water.
Image Credit: JanHetman/iStock/Getty Images

If you want a daily energy drink full of antioxidants and vitamins, make a lemon-ginger-cayenne drink. You can juice a lemon or squeeze it into a glass of water, then add juiced ginger or cooled ginger tea, and sprinkle some cayenne pepper into the drink. Sweeten it with honey or another natural sweetener if you want. Besides the immediate health benefits, drinking it regularly can even help in weight loss efforts.

Health Benefits

Lemon, cayenne and ginger all contain antioxidants, which boost the immune system and protect from free radicals -- a cause of aging that can even lead to cancer over time. The high vitamin C content in lemons and their antiviral properties could boost immunity to colds and the flu, or help you get over them faster.

Weight Loss and Energy

Ginger and cayenne boost metabolism, helping in weight loss efforts. Cayenne's spicy compound called capsaicin heats up the body, increasing energy expenditure, helping burn more calories. Ginger has even been found to increase the body's metabolizing of fats. Finally, this drink will wake you up in the morning or give you an energy boost whenever you drink it, thanks to the stimulating aroma of lemon combined with the thermogenic effects of capsaicin and ginger that increase blood circulation.

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