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Why Getting a Second Opinion Could Save Your Life

Why Getting a Second Opinion Could Save Your Life . When your car needs a major repair, you have no problem getting a second opini...

The 21 Most Lethal Places to Live in America

21 places around the country where your chances of being sickened, maimed, eaten or flat-out killed increase dramatically. ...

The 5 Most Dangerous Food Colorings Every Consumer Should Know About

Before you reach for those M&M’s, you might want to know that many brightly colored foods are made with dangerous, petroleum-der...

Why Your TV Binge-Watching Is Bad for Your Health

A study has shown that excessive TV watching can cause a pulmonary embolism. You might want to chill on your binging. ...

10 First Aid Hacks You Need to Know

These healing shortcuts can be temporary — and sometimes lifesaving — solutions when you don't have a first aid kit or medical...

The 5 Types of Insomnia and What to Do About Them

What type of insomniac are you? The answer can help you sleep better. Find help for insomnia and poor sleep with these tips....

The 5 TV Medical Myths That Drive Real-Life Doctors Crazy

The real-life doctors who advise Hollywood on medical matters prefer that you don’t bring expectations for fictional care into r...

The FDA Confirms Antibacterial Soap Doesn’t Actually Work

The FDA issued a rule establishing that companies must eliminate 19 active ingredients from antibacterial products within the next...

Could Losing Weight Help You Avoid Cancer?

Thirteen types of cancer have now been linked to overweight and obesity. Could shedding excess pounds help lower your cancer risk?...

Health Side Effects of Salt

Salt, scientifically known as sodium chloride, is a mineral essential to life, according to the National Institute of Health. In t...
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