Negatives About EZorb Calcium

The body needs calcium for strong bones and teeth, muscle contraction, blood vessel elasticity and hormone secretion. Many Americans do not consume enough calcium from their food, and they turn to calcium supplements. Ezorb calcium supplements are available online in powder or capsule form. Their composition is anhydrous calcium aspartate, and the calcium source is green plant and vegetable extracts.

Solely Calcium

Aside from the amino acid aspartate, which is not of concern to many Americans, Ezorb calcium only supplies calcium. Many other calcium supplement alternatives also include other nutrients to improve calcium absorption or increase the positive effects of calcium supplementation. For example, according to the Dietary Office of Supplements at the National Institutes of Health, vitamin D increases calcium absorption. In addition, the minerals magnesium and potassium may work with calcium to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of hypertension. However, Ezorb calcium does not include these nutrients.


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Because Ezorb calcium is a supplement rather than a food or drug, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can only regulate them under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994. Under the act, Ezorb is responsible for accurate product information and labeling, for monitoring the safety of its supplements, and for reporting any problems to the FDA. This is true for all calcium supplements, but Ezorb has a further gap in regulation. The U.S. Pharmacopoeia not list Ezorb calcium as a certified supplement, and so no national regulator has examined the product for purity.



The website makes some statements that are not technically correct, or are incomplete. This makes Ezorb appear less credible. Ezorb states that its calcium aspartate anhydrous supplements have a much higher absorption rate (92 percent) than inorganic supplements such as calcium carbonate and calcium citrate (as low as five percent). While these percentages may be correct, the statement raises questions because calcium citrate is technically an organic compound because of its carbon bonds. Furthermore, although the website gives dosage recommendations for its products, it never states outright exactly how much elemental calcium or calcium aspartate its products contain.





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