What Are the Benefits of Coconut Oil With Arthritis?

Arthritis is a joint disease that is extremely painful and plays a factor in interrupting everyday life, according to the Home Remedies Website. The swelling and stiffness that is caused by the disease limits the mobility of the sufferer and makes tasks that should be simple to perform extremely difficult. Although many people turn to prescription medications for arthritis relief, others seek out more natural sources to ease their pain. Coconut oil is often used as a low-cost and effective treatment for the disease

Coconut oil can help to ease the pain associated with arthritis.


Coconut oil can be used to relieve the inflammation that is often brought on by arthritis. When the joints in the body become inflamed, it can be very hard to move around and perform tasks that would otherwise be thought of as easy. According to the Virgin Coconut Oil website, massaging a mixture consisting of aloe vera and coconut oil will not only lessen the amount of inflammation that occurs in the joints, but it will also relieve the pain associated with the swelling as well. Coconut oil adds strength to the bones and acts as an agent that soothes arthritis pain in the bones and joints.

Pain Relief

Coconut oil is used by as a natural pain reliever by many people who suffer from arthritis. Warm up some coconut oil and combine it with a few pieces of camphor. Massage the mixture deeply into the area where the joints are aching. The Home Remedies website states that the camphor mixed with the warm coconut oil will increase the blood supply to the affected joints, leading to a warming effect and reducing the amount of pain that you experience.


Giving yourself a massage with coconut oil after taking a hot shower or bath will help to lubricate joints that have become stiff due to arthritis. According to The Virgin Coconut Oil website, the coconut oil essential greases the joints in the body and helps to keep them loose, leading to increased mobility. Coconut oil also causes increased blood circulation within the joints. When applying coconut oil to your body, simply apply a light coat, just as if you were applying lotions to the skin. To reduce the amount of stiffness you experience or to keep the joints completely lubricated, simply apply the coconut oil right after your daily shower or bath or before beginning physical exercise.

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