Shoes That Help Posture

Sneakers at the bottom of the stairs
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It seems to good to be true, but now you can buy a pair of shoes that will improve your posture. Be wary if you are after a quick fix—these shoes do come with an adjustment period. Most posture-support shoes are designed with a rocking or inclined sole, which changes the way you walk. Be sure to allow time for breaking them in before you go on long journeys, and be sure to stretch your legs after wearing them.

Skechers Shape-ups

According to the Skechers website, their Shape-up shoes can improve posture and tone your muscles while you go about your daily business. These shoes have a sole similar to the rockers of a rocking horse, which cause wearers to be aware of their posture, standing up straighter to maintain balance. As of July 2010, these shoes come in original and XF models ranging in price from $79.99 to $150.00. The original model is intended for all-day wear, while the XT models are better suited for the gym or light jogging.


Masai Barefoot Technology

MBT anti-shoes came about in the late nineties, invented based on the belief that traditional, flat-soled shoes are harmful to your body. The MBT features a curved sole that activates the wearer's muscles by forcing them to stay sturdy. The result is a shoe that encourages good posture while standing and walking, contributing to the body's overall health. These anti-shoes come in a variety of styles and colors, including boots and sandals. As of 2010, they were priced at approximately $250.

Earth Shoes

Earth shoes all have a 3.7-degree incline that moves your body weight back instead of forward. The company suggests taking 10 seconds to align your body once you put on the shoes. Your body will naturally adjust to the shoes, straightening the spine and pulling the shoulders back. Short steps are best to garner maximum benefits from this shoe. Prices start at $49 a pair.


Chung Shi

This is the brainchild of Asian and German philosophies, resulting in a shoe that supports your spine and has a massaging effect on your feet. The sole is angled, with shock absorption layers to encourage natural movement while walking or running. The shoe comes in either Balance Step, which has a 20-degree angle, or Comfort step, which is designed at 15 degrees. The Comfort step is recommended if you have never used a posture-support shoe before. Prices range from $235 to $275.

Orthotebb Health Shoes

Orthotebb is an online retailer that is gradually expanding into retail outlets across America. Their sandals, boots and clogs all feature a soft platform under the front portion of the sole. The shoes push the center of gravity forward, resulting in better spine alignment and improved posture. According to the Orthotebb website, wearers can also expect to burn roughly two times more calories than they would while wearing regular shoes. Sandals cost $39.95, clogs are priced at $59.95, and boots are $65.95.