How to Use a Weider 8530 Weight Machine

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The Weider 8530 is a home gym system that has two weight stacks and a pulley system to deliver resistance up to 270 pounds. There are several stations to work all the major muscle groups. The front weight stack is connected to the press arms, the butterfly arms and the upper and lower pulleys. The weight stack at the rear is only connected to the squat arm. There is a lat bar that can be attached to the high or low pulley system and a leg lever that can be attached to the low pulley system.


Step 1

Commence your workout with a warm-up of five to 10 minutes of light cardio to warm the muscles. Adjust weight settings by inserting a weight pin under the desired weight and turning the bent end downwards. Weights are in increments of 12.5 pounds. Use the weight resistance chart on page 17 of the user's manual to choose the appropriate weight.

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Step 2

Attach the lat bar to the medium cable at the top of the machine with a cable clip to perform lat pulldowns. Straddle the bench and reach up and grab both ends of the lat bar. Sit on the bench and pull the lat bar down below your chin. At this point, your elbows should be bent. Straighten your arms right up in a V-shape. Repeat this eight to 12 times. You can also do one-arm lat pulldowns and move from one arm to the other.


Step 3

Return the lat bar bar to the top of the machine and then do chest flyes. Sit on the seat with your feet flat on the floor. Place your forearms against the pads of the butterfly arms with your upper arms parallel to the floor. Push the pads to bring your elbows together until the butterfly arms almost touch. Hold for a moment. Keep your chest elevated and then return to the starting position. Repeat this eight to 12 times. You can also use the butterfly arms with one arm at a time.


Step 4

Remain on the seat and move your legs so that your ankles are under the bottom pad of the leg lever. Perform leg extensions by straightening your legs and then lowering them again under control. Repeat this eight to 12 times. If you stand up and face the machine, you can use the bottom pads to do standing leg curls.

Step 5

While still seated, grab the handles of the press arms with your fingers curled over the top of the handles. Perform chest presses by bringing your arms in towards your body and then pressing them out again using a full range of motion. Repeat this eight to 12 times.


Step 6

Move to the squat arms on one side of the machine to do squats. Bend your knees and stand with your shoulders underneath the pads. Straighten up -- pushing against the weight -- and then bend your knees back to the squatting position under control. Repeat this eight to 12 times.

Step 7

Move to the VKR arms on the other side of the machine for vertical knee raises. With your back to the machine, grasp the handles and come up onto your forearms and elbows, with your elbows supported on the padded rests and your head and neck against the back pad. Bring your knees up and in towards your stomach and then lower them. Keep your knees bent and feet off the floor until you have finished your repetitions. Aim for 15 to 20 repetitions. You can add variety with oblique twists and straight leg raises.

Step 8

For a total-body workout, do three sets of each exercise. Keep well hydrated and move at a steady pace to build fitness.



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