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Running is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your heart and lungs and to lose weight, according to Vanderbilt University. Running also requires little equipment other than a good pair of shoes, which makes it an accessible form of exercise. While you can run on any street or type of terrain, running tracks are smooth, well maintained surfaces designed with runners in mind. You may live near local running tracks available for you to use that you don't even know about.


Step 1

Jog or drive around your neighborhood to locate high schools and colleges with track teams. Ask the school officials if they have track hours that are open to the public. You may be able to use the track after hours or before school starts, depending on the student training schedule.

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Step 2

Contact gyms, fitness centers and community centers to see if they have running tracks. Be aware that many facilities offer use of the running track only with full membership. Determine if you'll get your money's worth before purchasing a pass to the track.

Step 3

Use an online running track or running route locator, such as the one available on website Fit Link, to check for tracks in your area.

Step 4

Join a local running club. Some running clubs make deals with local running tracks and workout facilities for use of a track during set hours. Contact the organizers of local 5k runs and marathons to locate running clubs in your area.

Step 5

Ask your friends and colleagues what tracks they run and where they're located. Ask each friend if you can accompany her on a run to test out multiple tracks.

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