Vitamins to Eliminate Dark Circles Under the Eyes and Have Better Skin

Vitamin C, which is a great vitamin for dark circles because it can help control blood vessels.
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No matter how many hours of sleep you get or the amount of serum you apply, sometimes stubborn, dark, under eye circles won't go away. However, taking vitamins for dark circles may help.


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What Causes Dark Circles?

Dark circles under the eye are different from bruises caused by injury or redness due to infection. Fatigue is the most common cause of dark under eye circles, however, they can also result from dehydration, allergies, eczema or even genetics. According to the Mayo Clinic, what appears to be dark under eye circles may just be shadows cast by puffy eyelids or hollows under your eyes that develop from aging.


While aisles are lined with well-known, expensive eye and face products, these are only temporary solutions. The key to maintaining healthy skin is to keep up a healthy diet, lifestyle and skincare routine.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, "sunscreen is the closest thing we have to the fountain of youth" and needs to be applied every time you go outside. On the contrary, lifestyle habits such as smoking can speed up how quickly your skin ages as well as worsening some skin diseases like psoriasis. Although nothing can 100 percent get rid of dark circles or wrinkles, the healthier you are, the healthier you will look!


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Vitamins for Dark Circles

Dark circles can easily be hidden with foundation or reduced by using cold compresses, but there are many treatment options that include maintaining a high level of essential vitamins as well. The best vitamins for dark circles include:


Vitamin K, which is highly recommended for those suffering from hyperpigmentation. The vitamin, which can be taken orally or topically, helps lighten darkened skin.

Vitamin C, which is a great vitamin for dark circles because it can help control blood vessels. It can be found in foods such as citrus.

Omega-3, which is a fatty acid that is good for the eyes and can also help blood vessels. According to the National Institutes of Health, plant oils, such as flaxseed, soybean and canola oils, contain omega-3.

Vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant, works to protect your body against free radicals that may cause signs of aging, including the thinning and wrinkling of the skin in the under eye area. Good sources of vitamin E include olives, vegetable oils, asparagus and avocado.

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Diet for Under Eye Circles

The best diet for under eye circles and puffiness is one that incorporates high levels of certain vitamins. You can reduce or get rid of them by incorporating a few ingredients into your diet:

  • Parsley, which supports your kidney function by flushing out excess fluid from the body. Combine fresh parsley with salad or add it to your smoothies.
  • Freshly squeezed juice, which is highly concentrated in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They work to cleanse the body of impurities in the bloodstream.
  • Water, which is essential to your diet for under eye circles. What most people don't know is that you need to drink 8 to 10 cups each day to stay hydrated. When your body is dehydrated, it can retain water, causing the puffiness under your eyes.