How to Lose Weight on Lipo 6

Lipo 6 may not be the magic pill that helps you lose weight.
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When you're struggling to lose weight, popping a pill seems like a no-brainer, and certainly a lot easier than changing what you eat and getting regular exercise. But products such as Lipo 6 may not be the solution to your weight problems, and may cause serious harm. Consult your doctor before adding any dietary supplement to your daily routine.

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Lipo 6 Weight Loss Ingredients

According to Nutrex Research, the makers of Lipo 6, the dietary supplement helps you lose weight with its special blend of ingredients. It contains five substances that purportedly help you lose those unwanted pounds, including caffeine, synephrine HCL, guggulsterones, BioPerine and yohimbine HCL.


The evidence to support the weight loss benefits of the ingredients in Lipo 6 is thin. The Obesity Action Coalition notes that caffeine may help boost your metabolism a bit and aid in hunger control, but the effects may not be enough to melt fat away. A 2002 review article published in the Journal of Medicine reports the original study that supported the weight-loss benefits of a combination of caffeine and synephrine HCL were not statistically significant. Guggelsterones, resin from the guggul tree, has been used for thousands of years as a treatment for obesity, but there's no evidence to support this use, according to a 2007 review article published in "Cardiovascular Drug Reviews." As for yohimbe, the studies available show conflicting results for weight loss.


BioPerine, a registered trade name for a substance found in black pepper called piperine, may help reduce your appetite by slowing down gastrointestinal transit time.

Dangers of Too Much Caffeine

The main ingredient in Lipo 6 is caffeine. Based on the recommended dose, you would be consuming 400 milligrams of caffeine -- the maximum amount recommended a day, according to MedlinePlus. If you also drink coffee or another caffeinated beverage, you may be consuming more caffeine than your body can handle. Getting too much caffeine can cause a number of problems, ranging from insomnia to an irregular heart rate to convulsions.


Synephrine and Yohimbe Concerns

There are also potential side effects and interactions with the synephrine and yohimbe found in Lipo 6. According to the University of Michigan Health System, consuming too much synephrine may lead to abdominal pain or convulsions, and you should only take it under the guidance of a health professional.

People have experienced a number of adverse reactions to yohimbe, including high blood pressure, anxiety, nervousness, insomnia and dizziness. You should not take a supplement containing yohimbe if you have heart, kidney or liver disease, hypertension, anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression or post-traumatic stress disorder or if you're pregnant. Yohimbe also interacts with medications that treat hypertension, anxiety and depression.


Lose Weight With Diet and Exercise

Instead of popping a pill that may cause more harm than good, you're better off losing weight through diet and exercise. Eating less and working out helps create the calorie deficit necessary to melt unwanted fat. One pound of fat contains 3,500 calories. You can work toward losing the fat by trimming your daily intake by 250 calories and burning 250 calories walking at a steady pace for 60 minutes or running for 30.


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