What Are the Benefits of Chi Machine?

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Chi Machine 4 U manufactures its Sun Ancon Chi Machine in China and distributes it in the United States and many other countries. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, regulates this machine as a medical device, and the FDA has classified it as a Class 1 therapeutic massager. This machine is an oxygenator and Chi Machine 4 U makes several claims about its health benefits.


Lymphedema Therapy

Lymphedema in the lower legs can be a side effect of treatment for cancer in the lower torso. A clinical trial tested the Sun Ancon Chi Machine Aerobic Exerciser to see if it ameliorated leg swelling, and found beneficial effects within weeks. Patients had less fluid retention in their legs and entire body, and lymphatic transport increased in some patients. Benefits were lower but still present a month after treatment. These results may be the effects of passive exercise and leg elevation. This is a significant benefit because patients can use this machine at home instead of going to a hospital or clinic for their treatments. Patients who experience lymphedema should consult their doctors before deciding on a course of treatment.

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Weight Loss

Chi Machine 4 U claims that its Sun Ancon Chi Machine can help you lose weight. It states that using the machine for 15 minutes is the same as taking a brisk walk for an hour and a half. This would burn calories to build a deficit. Getting the benefits of a 90 minute workout in only 15 minutes would save time and make it easier for people achieve their exercise. In addition, the workout is effortless and does not make you sweat, so you could do the workout anywhere. The company also claims that the machine aids in weight loss because it increases metabolism. Also, the company states that the most important factor in weight loss is the acidity in foods, and that oxygenation helps decrease the acid from food and helps you lose weight. The FDA has not approved these claims, and you should consult a professional when designing a program to lose weight.


Back Pain Relief

Chi Machine International: Sun Ancon Chi MachineThe Sun Ancon Chi Machine website claims that using its machine can benefit the back. It claims to alleviate back pain and improve spinal alignment because vibrating the spine relieves pressure and reduces misalignment. Repetitive massaging adjusts the spine. This is a treatment that you can do at home instead of going to the chiropractor. It is true that the Food and Drug Administration has classified this device as a Class 1 Therapeutic Massager. However, the FDA sent a warning letter to the distributor about making false or misleading statements about the benefits of its oxygen therapy machine for treating lower spinal disc problems and back pain.




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