How to Use Diet Soda in Colonoscopy Preparation

Diet soda may be one available drink when following a liquid diet.
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A doctor uses a colonoscopy to examine the surface area of your large intestine. The test begins with insertion of a lighted tube with a tiny camera into the rectum. The tube moves upward through the lower rectum into the colon and terminates at the entrance to the small intestine. The doctor examines all sides of the intestine for inflammation, growths and bleeding through the camera. A very important part of the test is the preparation. A flushing of the colon clears the way for the tube and opens up the view. The preparation period includes a diet restricted to liquids that includes diet sodas.


Step 1

Write out a meal plan before the preparation begins. The diet requires clear liquids free of some types of food coloring and preservatives. The doctor's office will provide a list of appropriate liquids as well as what to avoid. Plan on drinking diet soda throughout the day; the sweetness of the soda will help you deal with cravings.

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Step 2

Stock your refrigerator with plenty of diet soda. The carbonation with diet sodas can be filling and may help curb hunger. In addition to sodas, stock plenty of pulp-free juices, tea and coffee. Do not put anything in coffee drinks. The coffee must be black.

Step 3

Begin the diet as soon as the medical facility tells you it is time. The doctor's office will give you a list of instructions that include when to begin preparation for the test. Tests require flushing of the colon for one to three days before the exam.

Step 4

Drink at least one glass of diet soda every hour. Mix in other drinks that help soothe your stomach. Keep a glass of soda next to you during the restrictive period.


You must follow the recommendations for proper liquids provided by the doctor. If diet soda is not on the list, ask if you can have it.

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