Eye Exercises to Help You Not Wear Glasses Anymore

Eye exercises are not just done by people watching.You can actually increase your ability to see better and more clearly as well as decrease the need and dependence on glasses and contacts. Literally, in just minutes per day, with attention to the proper exercises listed below, you can improve your eyesight.

General Fitness

With regular exercise, blood flow, oxygen utilization and alleviation of stress can help relax the muscles around the eyes. Yoga, tai chi and meditation can be done with mindfulness toward increasing awareness of tension in the facial muscles and the tiny muscles around the eyes which tire from daily tasks like reading, computer work, driving, and just staying open 14 to 16 hours a day. A regular exercise program is essential to maintain calm, relaxed muscles in the face and eyes.

Tight Squeeze

Close your eyes tightly while seated. Hold them for 55 seconds, then release them for a full minute, with deep, relaxing breaths. This strengthens the eyelid muscles and improves blood circulation.

Finger Focusing

Stand and look ahead for three seconds. Now place a finger on the right hand in front of the midline of your face, about 11 inches from nose. Look at the finger now for three to five seconds. Lower the hand. Repeat this pattern of changing focus from far to near, bringing your gaze slowly to the hand from the far distance. This decreases eye fatigue and helps vision at short distances. Repeat eight to 11 times.

Double Vision

From the same stance as previous position, hold the arm in front of your midline and focus on the finger. Now, slowly bring the finger toward the nose until the vision doubles and you see two fingers. It may take practice and you may have to bring it all the way in to the nose before the doubling occurs. Do this eight to 11 times.

Eye Massage

In a seated position, massage the eyelids and the area around the entire eye softly, especially the socket where soft skin meets hard bone, with your fingertips for one minute. This exercise increases blood flow and relaxes the muscle around the eyes.

Heated Hands

This exercise also alleviates eye fatigue and is very easy to do seated at a desk, on a plane or anywhere you need a relief from tired eyes.

Rub both hands together briskly for 30 seconds, until you feel them creating warmth. Hold the palms of the hands over the eyes in a cupped fashion so you're not pushing on the eyes, but so the hands are tight enough to the face to make it dark. Hold your hands in place until the heat dissipates, then repeat this process two to three more times.

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