The Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Women

Weight lifting gloves can be very important.
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What to Look For

Women who work out or who are involved in competitive weight lifting want to avoid getting blisters and calluses on their hands, and weight lifting gloves are the best way to prevent them. It is important to look for a glove that will pull away sweat from the hands. Another feature for women to look for in a weight lifting glove is a good fit. The glove should fit snugly on the hand and not feel loose. Padding is another important feature. The weight lifting glove should be padded just enough to protect your hands, but still allow you to easily grip a weight.

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Common Pitfalls

Weight lifting gloves that are made of natural leather are not able to be washed. This can lead to the glove having a foul odor from sweat, and new gloves will need to be purchased. Another pitfall to some weight lifting gloves is that they are too padded and make it difficult to properly grip the weight.


Where to Buy

Weight lifting gloves can be purchased at any athletic supply store, shops inside gyms and online from retailers. It is best to try on the glove before purchasing to get a feel for the glove and determine the size that is the right fit.


Weight lifting gloves can cost between $10 to $35 a pair, according to products on Dick's Sporting Goods website. Your specific need will determine the glove that is best for you. People who are involved in competitive weight lifting need to be sure to spend the money necessary to protect their hands and wrists.


Comparison Shopping

Weight lifting gloves are also available with wrist supports. For the average woman who is weight lifting to tone, a glove with wrist support is not usually necessary. This type of weight lifting glove generally costs more than a regular weight lifting glove.


For those women who are also doing a lot of weight lifting involving the back, a weight lifting belt will help protect that muscle. Weight lifting belts can be purchased from any athletic store, specialty store or online for between $35 and $70.


Insider Tips

Be sure to try on weight lifting gloves before purchasing, to ensure a perfect fit. Fingerless gloves are the most widely available, and offer the best option for a good grip.