Products to Remove Water in the Ear

Moisture trapped inside the ear can cause congestion and hearing difficulties.
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Swimming, shampooing your hair and showering can all result in water inside the ear. Typically, water drains out of the ear canal unaided. Moisture trapped inside the ear can cause congestion and hearing difficulties. If ignored, water in the ear may result in pain and inflammation. Products that remove water in the ear will relieve minor symptoms and prevent infection associated with otitis externa, commonly known as swimmer's ear.

Absorbant Earplugs

Insert ClearEars earplugs after enjoying your favorite water sport to draw excess water from your ears. An August 2009 article in "The Wall Street Journal" titled,"An After-Dip Earplug" reports that the patented ClearEars plugs, made from a soft foam polymer, absorb water from inside the ear canal. The alcohol-free earplugs work for children and adults. According to the ClearEars packaging, you can reuse these environmentally friendly earplugs in your potted plants to help them hold moisture between waterings.


Ear Dryer

While a noisy hair dryer might do the job, the Mack's EarDryer is specifically designed to gently dry out residual moisture in the outer ear canal, according the Pharmacy Times website. The rechargeable, compact appliance fits in a tote bag or purse, making it a suitable choice for the gym, the beach or on vacation. This product comes with five washable heads, to be used for each member of the family. The device rests on the outside of your ear and automatically shuts off after one 80-second cycle.

Ear Drying Drops

Over-the-counter drops, such as Auro-Dri, Mack's Dry-n-Clear Ear Drying Aid and Swim-Ear, help relieve otic discomfort after water-related activities. These types of eardrops work by drying excess water using a combination of isopropyl alcohol and anhydrous glycerin. The book "Nonprescription Product Therapeutics" states that in 2000, the FDA approved the alcohol-glycerin solution as a safe and effective method for clearing water from the ear canal.


Household Products

The least expensive method to remove water in the ear involves using common household products. suggests using a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and isopropyl alcohol to dry out the ear and limit the formation of harmful bacteria that can cause swimmer's ear. After drying your outer ear with a towel, tilt your head from side to side to remove any excess water. Use a dropper to administer 1 tsp. of the mixture into the affected ear, allowing the excess to drain out.


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