The Best Way to Drink Collagen Powder for Glowing Skin

Drink collagen as part of your daily routine.
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It seems as if collagen is everywhere these days. You've probably heard different things about the best way to drink collagen powder, and it might seem confusing to try to sort through the conflicting advice. But if you take a closer look at the research, you can figure out the correct collagen supplement daily dosage for your skin.



Take between 2.5 and 5 grams (or your supplement’s suggested serving size) of collagen per day to see your best results in skin hydration, elasticity and wrinkle reduction.

Benefits of Collagen

First of all, what exactly is collagen, and what are its benefits? Collagen peptides are animal proteins found in the skin, muscles and bones. They're responsible for skin elasticity and firmness, which is why taking collagen supplements can reduce signs of aging and help keep your skin glowy and soft.

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A 2018 study in the journal Nutrients found that oral collagen supplements could increase skin hydration, decrease wrinkling and improve elasticity, with no adverse collagen side effects. Other studies have also shown promise in using collagen to reduce visible signs of aging.


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When to Take Collagen Protein

This is where the science gets murkier. You might have heard some people swear by taking collagen in the morning on an empty stomach. Others love taking it in a capsule before bed. But to date, no studies have shown that one time of day, or one particular method, will provide better results than another.


Your stomach can absorb collagen whether you take it with food or without. The most important thing is that you're taking collagen on a routine that's easy for you to remember — whether it be a scoop of powder in your morning smoothie or a capsule at night before you hit the pillow.

Collagen Supplement Daily Dosage

As with all dietary supplements, the Food and Drug Administration recommends that you talk with a health care professional before starting to take a new supplement regularly. Because supplement dosages do not have to be FDA-approved, it's important to do your own research about the proper amount to take per day.


The best way to drink collagen powder is to take somewhere between 2.5 grams to 5 grams daily, according to most studies. If your specific collagen supplement has a serving size, try sticking within that serving size each day. As with most supplements, the benefits don't increase the more that you take; in fact, the National Institute of Health warns that taking too high a dosage of supplements can be detrimental to your health.

Best Collagen Drinks and Powders

There are two main categories of drinkable collagen supplements: powders and pre-made drinks. Powders (like the ones made by Vital Proteins) are easily mixed into smoothies and shakes or even your morning coffee. Pre-made beverages (like Neuro Protein) require no prep, but do need to be stored in the fridge.



Choose a drink that fits your lifestyle. For example, if you're always running from one task to the next, you might prefer a pre-made beverage you can grab on the go or simply add flavored collagen (like pink lemonade from Active Beauty) into plain water. On the other hand, if you swear by your morning smoothie, you might try adding a scoop of collagen powder.

Additionally, pay close attention to ingredients. Most collagens are derived from either bovine (cow) sources like this one from Vital Proteins or from marine (fish) sources like this one from Further Food. So vegetarians and those with allergies should beware. And anyone using a collagen supplement should ensure that it comes from a quality source.


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Maximize the Benefits

Finally, don't expect collagen to be a miracle cure for your skin all on its own. While the scientific studies about it have been promising, research into collagen is still in early stages, so it's best to rely on multiple methods of skin protection to keep you looking and feeling your best. Practice a regular skincare regimen, wear sunscreen and eat nutrient-dense foods to care for your body inside and out.


Collagen, when taken correctly, can be a valuable addition to your skincare routine. Take it whenever is convenient for you, and stick within the recommended serving size, and you're in great shape to reap the benefits of this trendy nutritional powerhouse.




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