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Since 1953, The Original Pancake House has used authentic national and ethnic pancake recipes as the focal items on the menu. Over time, additional menu options were offered that resulted in a wide variety of nutrition information. Based on the cooking methods and ingredients, nutrition information contains a balance of fat, carbohydrates and protein.


While pancakes are the focus at The Original Pancake House, traditional breakfast items are also offered. The signature apple pancake is made with sautéed apples and cinnamon sugar with other specialty items, including the oven-baked Dutch baby pancake and corned beef hash. Cereals, waffles, crepes, egg dishes and meats can also be ordered.


Pancakes at The Original Pancake House feature a pancake batter made with sourdough yeast, flour and sugar fried in a skillet. Fresh recipes using 93 score butter, 36 percent pure whipping cream, fresh grade eggs and hard wheat unbleached flour. Pure maple syrup and fruit toppings such as diced bananas and fresh blueberries can be added to the pancakes with additional toppings available such as toasted coconut and chopped pecans.


Most of the menu options at The Original Pancake House will contain a significant number of calories per serving. The 49er flapjack pancake, for example, contains 347 calories per pancake while the signature apple pancake contains 595 calories. The bacon and cheese omelet contains 500 calories and the egg, bacon and oatmeal breakfast contains 581 calories. Calorie content can be reduced by ordering sauces on the side or reducing the overall serving size.


Pancake dishes consist primarily of fat and carbohydrates with about 11 g of protein per serving. The 49er flapjack pancake and signature apple pancake contain 8.7 g and 22 g of total fat, respectively and 90 g of total carbohydrates. Adding syrup and additional toppings to the pancakes can increase the amount of carbohydrates and fat. If you are looking for a low-carb option, the bacon and cheese omelet contains 39 g of total fat, 33 g of protein and only 2.4 g of total carbohydrates.


Even with a significant amount of calories, The Original Pancake House options will provide various vitamins and minerals. The egg, bacon and oatmeal breakfast, for example, provides 4.4 g of dietary fiber for 18 percent of the daily recommended intake along with 581 mg of potassium. It also provides 14 percent of the daily recommended intake of iron, 16 percent of calcium and 8 percent of vitamin A.

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