Yeast & Weight Loss

Serious yeast infections can have detrimental effects on your health.
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Yeast infections can range in severity from minor discomfort to a life-threatening ailment, depending on your immune system, the type of yeast, the location of the yeast and the way you combat it. Yeast infections can also lead to weight loss in certain circumstances, some of which are beneficial to your health and some of which are detrimental.



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Yeasts that belong to the Candida genus of the fungi kingdom can cause infections in the human body. There are approximately 46 different species of yeast in the genus. The most common type is the yeast known as Candida albicans. In many cases, these yeasts are present in your system without causing disease. However, in some cases, conditions arise for the yeast to start multiplying and cause ailments. These conditions are a suppressed immune system, pH imbalance in the gastrointestinal tract, or changes in the pH of any other organ system.

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Digestive Tract

Yeast overgrowth can occur anywhere in the digestive tract, from the oral cavity to the large intestine. These infections are common in people whose immune systems are suppressed, such as HIV sufferers and individuals taking immunosuppressant medication. Yeast infection in the stomach can cause excessive weight loss. The growth of these fungi shifts the imbalance of the stomachs pH away from an acidic environment. The digestive enzymes in the stomach and beginning of the small intestine require an acidic environment to digest foods. The yeast disrupts normal digestion, causing unhealthy weight loss.


Yeast Eradication diet

In many cases, certain diets are used to starve the yeast of its necessary nutrients. These diets do not allow the use of sugar, processed flour, yeast products, alcohol, caffeine, and starchy vegetables. All of these products are high in calories, and the removal of them from your diet often causes the yeast infection to subside as well as considerable weight loss for the patient. This weight loss is not harmful to the yeast sufferer; on the contrary, it is beneficial.


Anti-Fungal Medications

Anti-fungal medications are also another reason that yeast sufferers can lose weight. Popular anti-fungal medications such as fluconazole come with an array of side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and liver poisoning. Prolonged use of these medications can cause unhealthy weight loss.

Yeast Treatment

Unhealthy weight loss in connection with a yeast infection is a solvable problem. If the weight loss is due to yeast overgrowth in the digestive tract then your physician will advise you on ways to bolster your immune system. This is done through medication, supplements, diet, exercise, or a combination of these methods. The treatment will vary depending on your condition. In the case of adverse reactions to medication, your physician will most likely alter the dosage or change the particular anti-fungal medication until she finds one that is effective for you.




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