Calories Burned Jogging for One Hour

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If you're looking for a cheap and effective way to lose weight, keep fit and stay healthy through physical exercise, jogging is one of the best options available.


Body Mass

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When calculating the amount of calories lost for any activity, you must always consider your weight. If two individuals have the same starting weight and one is given a bag weighing 20 pounds and the other a bag holding weights totaling 100 pounds, the first person is going to expend a lot less energy.

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The speed at which you run is the second factor to consider when calculating the number of calories burned. Harvard Medical School states that running at 5.2 mph, or 11.5 minute miles, weighing 155 pounds, will burn off 670 calories in one hour.


Jogging is a high-impact activity that can cause problems for people who have had joint problems in the past. Always do an effective stretching routine before and after jogging for an hour. This will significantly reduce your chances of injury. If you've had problems with joint pain before, consult your doctor before taking up this particular activity. Swimming may suit you better because of its low-impact nature.



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