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A bowl of udon noodle soup on a table.
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Udon noodles are common in Japanese cuisine. These wheat-based noodles are often used to add flavor and texture to thin soup broths. Depending on what else you mix in an udon soup, the calorie count for this dish will vary.

Plain Udon Soup

While recipes vary, most plain udon soups provide very few calories. For example, the udon noodle bowl offered at the University of California, Los Angeles, only has 40 calories. This is just 2 pecent of the recommended daily value.


Udon soup is commonly paired with seafood. At UCLA, a bowl of udon soup with shrimp provides 200 calories. At 10 percent of your daily value, this can definitely be part of a balanced diet, assuming you plan other meals responsibly.


While udon soup is low in calories, it is also low in fiber and protein. A plain bowl of udon soup only offers .8g of fiber and 2.3g of protein. The King County Department of Public Health recommends using soba noodles as a substitute if you are on a high-fiber and high-protein diet.

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