Calories Burned in an Hour of Badminton

Badminton is primarily an anaerobic sport, which means that your body burns your stored energy as fuel. Badminton is a high-energy sport, so playing it for one hour is a good way to burn calories.

Playing Badminton

Body Weight

Your weight is a major factor in determining how many calories you will burn while playing badminton. For example, while playing badminton at a moderate intensity for one hour, a 200-pound person will burn approximately 544 calories. A 120-pound person playing at the same duration and intensity will burn approximately 327 calories.

Intensity of Play

The number of calories burned during badminton partially depends upon the intensity of the play. For social badminton, a player who weighs 150 pounds will burn approximately 272 calories during an hour. In competitive badminton, the same person will burn approximately 500 calories in one hour.

Determining Calorie Burn

You can determine how many calories that you will burn during one hour of badminton play by first determining your body weight. The next step should be to determine your intensity of play. For the final step, you should consult a calorie-burning chart or calculator for sports activities and badminton.

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