Calories in a Slice of Blueberry Pie

When you smell blueberry pie, you might experience warm, sentimental feelings as you remember eating dessert with your loved ones at a family gathering, around the dinner table. One slice, or one-sixth of an 8-inch pie, contains 271 calories. The calorie count would be higher if the pie is served with ice cream.

Fresh blueberries in baskets at a farmers market.
Image Credit: Zoonar RF/Zoonar/Getty Images

Calorie Breakdown

Blueberry pie is rich in carbohydrates in the form of sugars. Carbohydrates contribute 163 calories in one slice of an 8-inch-diameter blueberry pie, or about 59 percent of the total calorie content. Of these calories, 46 are from sugar alone. Fat contributes 105 calories, which is a little less than 39 percent of the total calorie count. Only 8 calories, or about 3 percent of the total calorie count, in a slice of blueberry pie come from protein.

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