How Many Calories Are in Andes Mints?

Pieces of chocolate and mint leaves.
Image Credit: La_vanda/iStock/Getty Images

The Andes Candy Company is best known for its bite-sized after-dinner mints. Each foil-wrapped creme de menthe candy consists of a green mint filling sandwiched by two thin layers of chocolate. Andes thin candies also include mint parfait, cherry jubilee and toffee crunch.


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Each serving of Andes Thin Candies consists of eight candies. Andes Creme de Menthe candies contains 200 calories per serving. Eight mint parfait candies contain 210 calories. Cherries Jubilee candy contains 190 calories per serving and Toffee Crunch contains 200 calories per serving.



Andes Creme de Menthe candies are gluten-free and contain no nuts, including peanuts. People with allergies to milk and soy should avoid all Andes Thin Candies, as the candy does contain milk and soy. Andes Creme de Menthe candies are prepared according to kosher dietary rules.



Andes makes a sugar-free Thin Mint candy. Each serving of Andes Thins Crème de Menthe Sugar Free Candy consists of eight mints and a total of 180 calories. The candy is sweetened with maltitol, a sweetener with a flavor similar to sucrose. Matlitol contains about half the calories of sugar.