How Many Calories Are in a Tablespoon of Honey?

Honey can be used to sweeten baked goods, tea, ice cream and cereal, not to mention serving as a syrupy spread for pancakes, waffles and toast. Derived from honey bees, this nectar comes in more than 300 varieties in the United States. Honey's color can range from pale beige to medium and dark amber, with corresponding flavor ranges from mild to strong and bold, depending on the type of flower that the bee collected its nectar from.

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Nutritional Information

There are 64 calories in a tablespoon of honey, 17.2 grams of them from sugar and 0.1 grams from protein, with a total of 17.3 grams of carbohydrates. A tablespoon of honey has 11 micrograms of vitamin C, 10.92 milligrams of potassium, 1 milligram of sodium, 0.42 milligrams of magnesium, 0.09 milligrams of iron and 1.26 milligrams of calcium.

Sweet as Honey

Due to its high fructose content, honey is sweeter than sugar, so you don't need to use as much for the same result. Unlike sugar, honey can keep baked goods moist and can act as a binding agent for sauces, marinades and salad dressings. When baking with honey, use up to half the amount of the nectar as you would sugar and reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Honey Safety

Honey should not be given to infants and children under 1 year old. Children under a year old have not developed the gastrointestinal tract necessary to fight against possible botulinum spores in the honey that can cause infant botulism.

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