Do Sauna Suits Burn Fat?

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Working out at a gym has an endless list of benefits, but this environment can also lead to some bad habits. When you see someone furiously running on a treadmill while wearing a sauna suit, it's tempting to copy this workout technique. This accessory, however, won't help you lose more fat. In addition to its inefficacy as a fat-loss tool, it's also dangerous to use.

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Water Loss, Not Fat Loss

Many people turn to the use of sauna suits as a weight-loss shortcut without necessarily knowing how this garment affects your body. Sauna suits are designed to raise your body temperature to lead to heavier perspiration as you exercise. Wearing a sauna suit while you work out can make you weigh less at the end of the workout, but this rapid weight loss is the result of lost water weight, rather than fat loss.


Hazardous to Your Health

Increasing your body's temperature and the amount that you sweat can be detrimental to your health. As you lose fluids, your body is at a greater risk of dehydration and overheating. Other risks of the continued use of sauna suits include exhaustion, heat stroke and damage to your kidneys.


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