Busch Beer Calories

A bartender pours a glass of Busch beer.
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Busch beer is a pale lager brewed in St. Louis, Missouri, and has been around regionally since 1955. Busch comes in three types, Busch, Busch Light, and Busch Ice, each with different caloric contents and alcohol contents.

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The original Busch contains 133 calories and 10.2 g of carbohydrates per 12-oz. serving. Each serving also contains an alcohol content of 4.6 percent per volume.


Busch Light

Busch Light has a significant drop in calories compared with the original Busch and doesn't suffer much of a loss in alcohol percentage. With 95 calories and only 3.2 g of carbohydrates, each 12-oz. serving still has a 4.1 percent alcohol content.

Busch Ice

Busch Ice, like all ice beers, contains a higher alcohol content but at the cost of higher calories, more carbs and a harsher taste. One 12-oz. serving of Busch Ice contains 169 calories, 12.5 g of carbohydrates and and alcohol content of 5.9 percent.