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Alcoholic Beverages

This Is What Really Happens When You Drink

TEQUILA: Last night was crazy. Do you remember anything? I blacked out, dude. BEER: Of course you blacked out. Tequila always bla...

Happy Hour After a Workout? Here's How to Do It Right

Summer happy hour can be tempting. But if you're going to drink after a workout, at least do it the "healthier" way....

PSA! Our Precious Wine Supply Is Threatened by Global Warming

Global warming has struck again. It's messing with the production of wine. As if we didn’t have enough to worry about already....

Here's Why You Eat When You're Drunk

Scientists have discovered the one reason why drinking alcohol turns everyone into a bunch ravenous beasts....

How to Drink and Still Leave the Best Impression on a Date

Dating experts weigh in below on everything from the length of your date to the types of drinks you should order. ...

Here's Why Booze Is Banned in Space

NASA has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to astronauts consuming alcohol in space. But the reasons for prohibiting booze are...

Beer vs. Wine Calorie Count

Yes, it's true, drinking wine or beer may be good for you, as long as you limit it to moderate amounts. It helps your heart and ma...

How Many Calories Are in a Vodka Red Bull?

Vodka Red Bull is a popular mixed drink. A commonly used recipe contains 2 ounces of vodka and one can of Red Bull, over ice. Simp...

Alcohol & Calories in Miller High Life Light

Miller High Life Light has 4.2 percent alcohol by volume and 110 calories, according to the brewer. At the Mil...

Atkins Diet & Alcohol

On the Atkins diet, you take in a limited amount of carbohydrates a day so you have to count them scrupulously to make sure you do...
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