Calories in Amaretto Liquor

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The Italian premium liqueur, Amaretto, has aficionados worldwide, since it pairs easily with bar mixes or sips neat and on the rocks. The almond, apricot drink has a sweet, flavor reminiscent of a fruity wine, but it packs more calories per ounce.



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The Di Sarrono brand is the oldest and one of the most popular according to the Drinks Mixer website. DeKuyper and Di Amore are popular competing brands that dominate the U.S. beverage industry. Each company keeps its formula and ingredients secret.

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As of 2010, U.S. food labeling laws do not require the calorie content for alcoholic beverages. The National Diabetes Education Program estimates the average calories at 80 calories per oz. for Amaretto and similar liqueurs. Since the standard bar pour for alcohol spirits is 1.5 oz., a serving of Amaretto has 120 calories. This size serving also contains 18 g of carbohydrates.

Alcohol Content

Amaretto is 28 percent alcohol or 56 proof. This rating is higher than the average beer and wine, but lower than distilled spirits like scotch and rum.



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