Calories and Alcohol Content of Stout Beer

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Stout is a type of beer that has been around commercially since 1820 and consists of many types, including dry stout, cream stout and oatmeal stout. Stout beers are much thicker than most beers, and tend to contain more calories than other beers.



The popular Irish brewing company Guinness is well known for its stouts, which compared with other stout beers, contain a relatively low amount of calories per pint. A 12 oz. pint of Guinness Extra Stout contains 153 calories and has an alcohol percentage of 4.27 percent.

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Dragon Stout

Dragon Stout, a Jamaican beer brewed by Desnoes - Goeddes, is where you see a sudden drastic increase in caloric and alcohol content. One 12 oz. pint contains 220 calories and is 6.8 percent alcohol.


Sierra Nevada Stout

All good stouts don't necessarily come from overseas, as California-based brewing company Sierra Nevada has shown with its version of a stout beer. One bottle of Sierra Nevada Stout contains 225 calories and boasts a respectable 5.8 percent alcohol content.




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