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Manischewitz is a kosher red wine traditionally associated with meals served during Jewish high holidays. An 8-oz. glass of Manischewitz wine contains 160 calories.

About Manischewitz Wine

According to, Manischewitz is a sweet concord red wine known for its poignant aroma and large seeds. It's available in much of North America, and is often used by non-Orthodox Jews in celebrating Passover.


Made from labrusca concord grapes, a red grape native to the United States, Manischewitz wine contains 160 calories per 8-oz. serving and has 6.4 g of carbohydrates.

Other Manischewitz Products

Other staples of the Passover dinner include matzoh, which contains 120 calories per piece and gefilte fish, which contains 45 calories per piece.

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