How Many Calories are in a Slice of New York Cheesecake?

Remember: Toppings add calories.
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Because of its widespread popularity, you don't need to be in New York to enjoy the city's signature style of cheesecake. Due to high fat ingredients, such as cream cheese, New York cheesecake is high in calories.



The nutrition information at LIVESTRONG's food database MyPlate notes that one slice of New York cheesecake contains anywhere from 220 to 510 calories depending on the size of your slice. According to, you would have to walk for almost two hours to burn off the calories in one slice of New York cheesecake.

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Fat Content

New York cheesecake is high in fat, which is one reason why it is high in calories. The nutrition information at MyPlate notes that one slice contains anywhere from 14 to 33 grams of fat. Of this fat, nine to 19 grams comes from saturated fat.


The American Heart Association suggests consuming no more than 16 grams of saturated fat daily, as too much can promote heart disease — so a slice of New York cheesecake should be an occasional treat.


MyPlates notes that New York cheesecake is also high in carbohydrates. One slice contains anywhere from 17 to 46 grams of carbohydrates. Of these carbohydrates, zero to one gram comes from fiber, while 16 to 31 grams come from sugar.


This sugar content is another reason for this dessert to be an occasional part of your diet. The American Heart Association recommends that women consume 25 grams of sugar or less a day and men consume 38 grams of sugar or less daily.


Although some cheeses are rich in protein, New York cheesecake is not high in protein. MyPlate notes that one slice of New York cheesecake contains from six to eight grams of protein.


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