Calories in Club Soda

Club soda and lemon is a diet beverage.
Image Credit: Stockphoto24/iStock/Getty Images

Club soda is a friend to dieters, diabetics and designated drivers. Club soda is a great mixer for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Drinking club soda is also a wise choice at holiday office parties. Like regular sweetened sodas, this fizzy beverage gets its bubbles from carbon dioxide.


Club soda is filtered water to which minerals have been added, in most cases. It has no calories, so you can enjoy it without guilt if you are dieting.



All water has some trace minerals, but manufacturers filter out those minerals to purify the taste of the club soda. This keeps club soda from producing an off taste when mixed with other beverages.


The traditional formulas for club soda require the addition of sodium bicarbonate or potassium carbonate. Those additives give club soda a sodium content of 74 milligrams per 12-ounce serving. However, this small amount of sodium is not likely to negatively impact your health.