How to Dissolve Gallbladder Stones Naturally with Lemon Juice

Gallstones can be extremely painful, particularly if you eat a high-fat meal, and one unproven method of dealing with them is to perform a "gallbladder" flush with lemon juice and olive oil. After performing such a flush, patients might notice hard deposits in their bowel movements the next day, but these might not actually be gallstones, Dr. Klaper of notes. There is no scientific evidence that performing a gallbladder flush can prevent or treat gallstones.

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Step 1

Measure out a half-cup of olive oil. recommends using unrefined extra-virgin olive oil. You can use a full cup if you prefer, but if this is your first time doing a gallbladder cleanse, the smaller volume might be easier for your body to handle.

Step 2

Measure out an equal amount of concentrated lemon juice. Again, if this is your first time, a half-cup of lemon juice to go along with your half-cup of olive oil is recommended.

Step 3

Add other herbs to the juice, as desired. recommends adding one to two cloves of freshly grated garlic and a half-teaspoon of ginger.

Step 4

Mix the olive oil and juice in a blender or by stirring or shaking.

Step 5

Drink the mixture. Some people prefer to drink the entire mixture at once, but the combination of olive oil and lemon juice can cause nausea. You can consume the mixture slowly, spacing it out over several minutes.

Step 6

Check your bowel movements the next day for small hard deposits. Promoters of gallbladder cleansing claim that these are broken up gallstones, though they also might simply be the result of a chemical reaction caused by the body attempting to digest the oil and acidic juice at once.

Things You'll Need

  • Olive oil

  • Lemon juice

  • Blender (optional)


Talk with your doctor before attempting any home treatment for gallstones. While the olive oil-lemon juice mixture is not considered dangerous, it also has not been medically approved as a treatment.

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