Eating Citrus Before Bed & Weight Loss

Weight loss is brought about by an increase in metabolism and fat burn, resulting from Vitamin C which is found in citrus fruit.
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Citrus fruits are used by some to help promote natural weight loss, owing to their vitamin C and antioxidant content. There are no side effects of eating too much fruit because most vitamins and minerals from fruit are water soluble and can be flushed out of the body. Weight loss is brought about by an increase in metabolism and fat burn, resulting from the vitamin C. A lot of short term weight loss diets include grapefruit in their diet charts, which has the highest vitamin C content among all citrus fruits.



The Grapefruit Diet is based on various studies where participants in a study experienced a weight loss of around 3 lb. on average. The vitamin C found in grapefruit, and other citrus fruits, helps regulate metabolism. By breaking down complex carbohydrates and sugars faster, less fat is stored, helping to lose weight.

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Weight Loss

Different citrus fruits bring about weight loss in different ways. A 2004 story from BBC News indicated that grapefruit aids in weight loss by lowering insulin levels in the body. Lower insulin levels means fewer cravings. When you feel less hungry, your food consumption decreases, helping you lose weight. Oranges and nectarines help you lose weight by providing an increased supply of vitamin C, which metabolizes fats.



Many diets focus on an increased intake of grapefruit or other citrus fruits, however, you should make sure the diet you are following contains all the nutritional requirements of the body. Eat well balanced meals, include a lot of fruits and vegetables, and limit your intake of fats, processed foods and refined sugar. It is important to exercise on a regular basis to lose weight.


Bitter Orange

Katherine Zeratsky, a nutritionist at Mayo, says that even though some research has proven the effectiveness of bitter orange for weight loss, it is actually an herbal supplement derived from bitter orange tree. It became popular when the FDA banned ephedra, but bitter orange supplements do not contain any citrus extracts which have been proven safe. Instead, it includes stimulants which can pose serious health concerns.



Because of the goodness that citrus fruits provide, you can make them a part of your daily diet. Eating citrus fruits before going to bed is also a good way to cleanse your system. You can even drink lemon juice mixed with warm water when you wake up in the morning as another detoxification method.




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