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Alcohol free beer has fewer calories than alcoholic beer.

If you enjoy the taste of beer, but do not wish to drink alcohol, non-alcoholic versions are available. Beck's provides you with the taste of beer, while allowing you to drive home safely and without packing in large numbers of extra calories.

Serving Size

One serving of Beck's non-alcoholic beer is one bottle, says Because this is the way it is packaged, you don't have to worry about consuming multiple servings in one bottle.


Almost all of the calories in Beck's non-alcoholic beer come from carbohydrates says Fat Secret. With about 13 grams of carbohydrate, it can increase your blood sugar, so you should avoid it if you are looking to keep your insulin levels under control.


Each bottle of Beck's contains as little as 60 calories. Without the added alcohol, this beer is able to keep calorie counts low.

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