Calories in Honey Vs. Sugar

Honey and sugar are very similar in that they are both natural sweeteners. Honey is produced by bees and is a result of the nectar they collect from flowers, while sugar is a product from sugar cane or beet plants.

Calories in Honey

One oz. of honey contains 86 calories. This serving size also provides 23.4 g of carbohydrate, 0.057 g of fiber and 0.085 g of protein. There is no fat, saturated or otherwise, in honey. An online calorie counter is a good resource to track how much your honey usage adds to your daily allowance.

Calories in Sugar

The same size serving of sugar contains 109 calories and provides 28.3 g of carbohydrates. There is no fat, fiber or protein in 1 oz. of sugar.

Comparing Sugar and Honey

Honey contains 23 fewer calories per oz. than sugar, making it a better choice of sweetener for calorie counters. Honey is also favored on account of its nutrient content. One oz. of honey contains 1 percent of the recommended daily iron, riboflavin, manganese and copper values, while sugar contains no vitamins or minerals.

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