How Many Calories Do You Burn on the Gazelle Per Hour?

The Gazelle is a piece of home workout equipment. It provides a full body, low-impact workout. Before starting any new exercise program, talk to your doctor to make sure you're healthy enough to begin.

Calories Burned

The number of calories burned on the Gazelle depends on your weight, your current fitness level and your pace and intensity level on the Gazelle.


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Video of the Day

Average Calories

On average, someone who is 120 lbs could burn 520 calories. A person who is 150 lbs can burn 650 and an individual weighing in at 200 lbs can burn 840 calories in 60 minutes on the Gazelle.

Exercise Suggestions

The Mayo Clinic states that adults should aim for 150 to 250 minutes each week of exercise.



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