Calories in Cadbury Roses

Cadbury Roses are individually wrapped chocolate morsels consisting of 39 percent milk chocolate and 10 percent dark chocolate, according to Cadbury. The chocolates are flavored in the center with a variety of creams.

Calorie Content

Three pieces of Cadbury Roses, each weighing 11 g, contains 160 calories. According to the CalorieKing website, 7.5 g is fat, of which 4.5 g are saturated fat. Carbohydrate content in three pieces of roses is 21 g, the protein content is 1.5 g and sodium is 26 g.


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For weight control, portion size is critically important. It is easy to forget how many pieces you have eaten and unwittingly consume excessive calories. A 250 g pack of Cadbury Roses, with only 23 pieces, contains 1,205 calories and 57.5 g of fat.


Chocolate contains flavanols that have antioxidant qualities. The Cleveland Clinic reports that flavanols have benefits to vascular health, such as helping to lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the heart and brain and lower cholesterol. Although some of the flavanols are lost during processing, many manufacturers are endeavoring to retain flavanols in their processed chocolates.




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