Is Calcium Lactate Considered Dairy?

Calcium may interfere with absorption of other medications.
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If you follow a vegan diet or have lactose intolerance, you need to avoid dairy products and foods containing them. Because "lactose" is also known as milk sugar, it is easy to confuse lactate as a dairy component as well. While dairy products are often rich in calcium, calcium lactate is, in fact, not a dairy product itself.


Dairy Versus Calcium Lactate

Calcium lactate is a calcium salt taken to supplement the diet, either to treat a deficiency or to provide additional calcium for pregnant or breast-feeding women, if recommended by their doctor. It is also used to manage conditions like osteoporosis, osteomalacia, rickets or malabsorption syndrome. You need adequate calcium to form and maintain strong bones. Therefore, if you are concerned about your calcium intake, having to avoid dairy is no reason to avoid calcium lactate. If should not be taken without checking with your doctor, however, as calcium lactate is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions.

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