The Best Exercises for Getting a Big Butt

While exercise can't change your genetics, you can get a curvier backside by building muscle with targeted spot-specific exercises. Butt workouts help you achieve a rounded, toned shape, adding bulk just where you want it for a back view that works in jeans or a bikini. These exercises require no special equipment and can be done in the privacy of your living room, so make time for a butt-building workout a few times a week to get the body you want.

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Targeted exercises can help you to build muscle. Additional muscle bulk can help to give you a rounder, curvier backside. While weight machines at the gym are one option, you can use your own body weight and a chair from your dining room table with classic exercise moves to improve the appearance of your butt. If you do want to vary your lower body exercise routine, simple tools like a fitness ball or resistance bands are affordable additions to your workout.


While there are a number of different exercises to shape your butt, variations on lunges, plies and squats are key to an effective lower body workout. Perform a basic lunge by stepping forward with one foot, bending your front knee. For a plie, stand with your legs spread and toes pointed out; then bend at the knees, lowering your pelvis. Keep your feet together or spread shoulder width apart for squats, bending your knees while keeping your back straight. Jump into these moves, add a twist or work to move lower in a squat or plie to intensify your routine.


Building a better butt requires that you work your glutes and the muscles that support them--the hip flexors and hamstrings. Toning, strength training and weight training will help you to build muscles where you want them. Include strength-training moves, like a lower body toning routine, at least twice a week along with cardiovascular exercise to meet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fitness recommendations.

Time Frame

You can get a rounder butt and curvier hips without a substantial time investment. Butt-specific workouts range from just five minutes to 15 to 20 minutes, a few times a week. Adding just a few minutes of targeted toning exercises can make a difference, or you can opt to include a longer workout for a more significant effect. Boost the butt-building effects of your targeted exercise by following a cardiovascular routine that works both your hips and butt.


Targeted butt exercises can be hard on the knees, causing strain and discomfort. Check your positioning in each exercise to be sure that your knees do not extend past your toes in a squat, plie or lunge, to reduce the stress. If you have joint concerns, speak to your health care provider before adding butt-building exercises to your workout routine.

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