Bounce Pro Trampoline Instructions

Teens jumping on trampoline outdoors.
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The Bounce Pro trampoline is a product designed for use outdoors as entertainment or for a low-impact aerobic exercise. The frame of the trampoline is made from galvanized steel, which helps to protect the device from rust. A layer of padding installed around the outside edge of the frame will help to safeguard the user against impact. When assembling your Bounce Pro, you may find it helpful to recruit the assistance of a second person, as this will simplify the process of installing the net.

Frame Assembly

Step 1

Connect the lower ends of two L-shaped bars to one of the four small bars. Join the tabbed end of one of the short top rails to the top of the one of the L-shaped bars. Position the short top rail such that it points inward.

Step 2

Join the tabbed end of one of the long top rails to the top of the remaining L-shaped bar. Position the long top rail such that it points outward. Assemble the remaining three trampoline stands in this manner.

Step 3

Connect the long top rails to the short top rails until the four trampoline stands form a circle. Insert medium top rails between the gaps in the circle.

Net Installation

Step 1

Spread out the net in the center of the trampoline's frame. Hook the spring loading tool onto the hook attached to the end of one of the net's springs. Use the tool to pull the spring onto the one of the holes on the frame.

Step 2

Pull the spring located on the opposite side of the net onto the trampoline's frame in a similar manner. Move around the frame until you are equally distant from both springs. Pull the spring nearest you and hook it onto the frame. Move to the opposite side of the frame and attach the nearest spring in a similar manner.

Step 3

Attach another spring located directly between two already-connected springs, then move to the opposite side of the frame and repeat. Continue to hook the springs onto the frame in this manner until you have finished attaching the net.

Step 4

Fit the trampoline's padding onto the top of the trampoline. Pull the padding into place and adjust it until it appears evenly spread. Tie the padding onto the trampoline's frame.


Climb onto the trampoline before you begin jumping; do not attempt to jump directly onto the trampoline. Place the trampoline away from any overhead obstacles, such as tree branches and building overhangs. Do not attempt to use the trampoline with more than one person on the mat at a time.