The Effects of Soy Milk on Hair & Skin

Soy milk comes from a plant and does not have lactose.
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Soy milk is derived from the soybean plant. Because it is plant based, it doesn't contain lactose. This makes it an effective alternative for vegans or people who are lactose intolerant. Additionally, soy beans and soy milk are significant sources of protein, which is a much-needed nutrient for good health, particularly for the hair and skin.


Strengthening the Hair Shaft

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Drinking soy milk will strengthen your hair.
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According to "Marie Claire" magazine, protein is an essential element for strengthening the hair shaft. When you use products that contain protein, the product binds itself to the hair strands, forming a protective layer. This guards the hair during styling, reducing the likelihood that it will shed or break. Hair products are helpful tools to treat hair from the outside in. Consuming beneficial sources of protein like soy milk provides internal support to help hair grow out healthier and stronger.

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Repairing Split Ends

A protein rich conditioner will repair hair.
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In addition to acting as a source of prevention, protein also repairs split ends if your hair has been previously damaged. "Marie Claire" indicates that using a protein-rich conditioner on the ends of your hair causes split ends to converge and repair themselves. Similarly, consuming protein-rich foods provides your body with protein, which helps to repair muscle and skin tissue when it is damaged. If you have severe split ends, your hair stylist will likely suggest that you have them trimmed and that you increase your intake of proteins like soy milk for continued repair.


Adding Moisture

Soy milk will make your hair shinier and supports hydration.
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Protein helps to keep hair shiny and healthy looking. This shininess stems from a healthy level of moisture. If you are dehydrated or your diet lacks protein, it will be reflected in the appearance of your hair. Drinking soy milk not only provides your hair with protein, it also supports your hydration levels.


Tightening Loose Skin

Soy milk protein keeps skin tissue moisturized.
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Protein can also help keep your skin tissues firm. Continued cleansing and moisturizing is beneficial but can cause some wear and tear. The protein provided by soy milk keeps skin tissues moisturized and increases their elasticity.




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