How to Tone Your Tummy on a Trampoline

You can perform plenty of exercises on a trampoline to tone your abs.
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Most people think of toning their tummy by doing traditional cardio like running, jogging, bicycling or stair climbing. Also, the standard abdominal equipment provided by gyms like crunch machines and captain's chairs are used by many to create a toned stomach.


However, trampolines workouts are a unique way to strengthen your heart as well as your muscles. To tone up your tummy, you must do a combination of cardio training and ab work. Trampolines, both large and small, can be utilized for both types of exercise.

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Benefits of Trampoline Workouts

Trampoline workouts can be a fun alternative to traditional aerobic exercise such as running. According to a small study published in January 2018 by the German Journal of Sports Medicine, exercising with a trampoline was shown to produce significant energy expenditure and aerobic intensity.

This type of exercise can also be fun. You don't have to just jump in place. Add some exercises to your jumping for a full-body workout.

Try Some Jumping Jacks

Include jumping jacks in your trampoline exercises to work your entire body. This increases heart rate and burns calories, which is necessary to burn away fat pockets covering your abs. You can also tone your tummy on a trampoline by doing this exercise.


Squeeze your abs, jump outward with both feet to slightly wider than shoulder width and simultaneously raise both of your arms above your head. Jump back inward while bringing your arms to your side, keeping your abs contracted the entire time. Do this 50 times, rest for a minute and repeat for five sets.

Do the Twist

Twist your body from side to side. This is an effective ab exercise that can be done while standing and is a lot of fun to do on a trampoline. Gently bounce up and down and bring both arms up to chest level, elbows bent. Twist your knees to the right as your body twists to the left then repeat on opposite side. Do this exercises for one minute, rest for one minute and repeat for five sets.


Jump and Tuck

Execute jumping knee tucks to tone your tummy. Bounce up and down and bring your knees to your chest while pulling your chest down to your knees, land on your feet, bounce a couple more times and repeat. This works upper and lower abs. Do three sets of 25 knee tucks.

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Touch Elbow to Knee

Perform elbow-to-knee trampoline exercises to work all of your major abdominal muscles. Stand straight and clasp your hands behind your head. Feet are shoulder-width apart and elbows should face outward. Touch your left elbow to your right knee, then right elbow to left knee and continue to alternate for a total of 50 repetitions. Rest for one minute and repeat for three sets.


Warm up before your regular trampoline workout with five to 10 minutes of light aerobic exercise, such as bouncing slowly on the trampoline.


Consult your physician before starting a new exercise program.




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