How to Boost Metabolism After Anorexia

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Anorexia nervosa, often called simply "anorexia," is a serious psychological disorder characterized by extreme weight loss through self-starvation, and an unshakable belief that you are still fat no matter how much weight is lost. While anorexia's physical complications can be severe, recovery is possible; many adverse effects can be reversed. Because severe dieting lowers your metabolism, if you've had anorexia, you may struggle with metabolism difficulties as you recover. However, you can boost your metabolism even after the physical stress of an eating disorder.


Step 1

Eat enough calories. As you recover from anorexia and move toward a healthier weight, it's imperative that you ingest enough food each day to rev your recovering metabolism. Columbia University's Health Services state that during eating disorder recovery, as your food intake increases, your metabolism increases as well, thus upping your caloric needs further. Continue to feed your body sufficient calories each day to keep your metabolism running high.

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Step 2

Eat at regular intervals throughout the day. Going for long periods without food slows down your metabolism. The best way to give it a boost is to eat a meal or snack every few hours. Never skip meals.

Step 3

Do some strength training. Although over-exercising during eating disorder recovery is ill-advised, moderate strength training can benefit your metabolism. Strength training builds muscle mass, which in turn speeds up metabolism. This can be a healthy way to keep your metabolism running high even after recovery from anorexia.

Things You'll Need

  • Weight machines

  • Free weights

  • Resistance bands


Always follow your treatment team's recommendations for recovery from your eating disorder. Your physician, psychotherapist, and/or registered dietitian can give you detailed advice regarding your metabolism after recovery from anorexia nervosa.

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