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10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

Your metabolic rate relates to the energy your body uses in a day, measured in units of energy called calories. When you're ma...

What Causes Enzymes to Speed Up Chemical Reactions?

Enzymes are biological catalysts, meaning that they are molecules capable of speeding up chemical reactions. They are large, prote...

Normal Weight-to-Height Ratios

It's no secret that weight can affect your health, but it's not enough to measure weight alone. You also need to look at b...

Can Any Supplements Slow Down Metabolism?

If you're naturally thin, chances are you have a high metabolism. And while your metabolism makes it easy to avoid packing on ...

Almased Ingredients

Almased is an all-natural metabolism drink available in shake form. It was created by scientist and holistic therapist Hubertus Tr...

Can Supplements Help Boost Metabolism?

While it'd be nice to find the secrets to a lightning-fast metabolism in a supplement bottle, that's probably just wishful...

Do Vitamins Speed Up Metabolism?

The term "metabolism" refers to the chemical reactions that take place in your body each day, and the energy -- in the f...

What Is Anabolic Metabolism?

Metabolism is the name for the sum of chemical reactions taking place in the human body. Because some reactions break large molecu...

Does Working Out in the Morning Speed Up Metabolism?

Ah, the fresh air, the solitude, the relative quiet of early morning. If you are a morning person, there is nothing like getting a...

Symptoms of a Slow Metabolism

If you struggle to lose every ounce -- and seem to gain it all back by simply looking at a cheeseburger -- you know the power of a...
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