Tips on Standing & Walking on Concrete Flooring

A warehouse worker standing on a concrete floor.
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Standing or walking on concrete flooring for long periods of time can cause sore feet, swollen legs, varicose veins and back pain. If you spend a lot of time standing or walking on concrete flooring, your best option is to change the flooring to a softer surface, such as carpet or cork. If you can't change the type of floors that are causing you discomfort, there are ways to make standing and walking on concrete flooring more comfortable.


Change Positions Frequently

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If you have to work on concrete floors, change your position as much as possible. If you can, bring a stool into your work area so you can take frequent breaks to sit, taking strain off of your feet, back and legs. If you must stand, use a bar or a small step stool to rest one of your feet off the ground periodically.

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Purchase Anti-Fatigue Mats

Placing anti-fatigue mats in your work area on top of concrete floors can provide a softer surface and reduce pain from walking and standing on concrete. Anti-fatigue mats are specially designed to cushion your feet when you must stand for long periods of time. You can purchase anti-fatigue mats made from rubber, carpet, vinyl or wood. Using anti-fatigue mats can help prevent pain in your feet from standing, but standing for a long period of time could still cause you to develop back pain, even with the mats.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

Make sure your shoes fit properly. If your shoes are too big or too small, your foot pain from standing or walking on concrete floors could be increased. Get a couple pairs of comfortable shoes and rotate them. Wearing the same pair of shoes every day could lead to foot discomfort. Use orthopedic inserts in your shoes to provide arch support and reduce stress on your feet, legs and back.


Keep Floors Clean and Dry

Make sure your concrete floors are clear of debris before standing for long periods of time. Keep your floors dry to prevent injuring yourself with a slip and fall while walking. If you use anti-fatigue mats, keep the mats clean and flat to prevent tripping.



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