How to Shock Your Metabolism While Dieting

Shock your metabolism following these guidelines.
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Many people diet on a regular basis. But all too often, diets work only as long as you're on them. You might lose pounds at first, only to regain them over time. Your metabolism plays a large role in your long-term dieting results. While you can't totally control your metabolism, you can take some steps to keep it revving. "Shocking" your metabolism as you diet to keep the fires burning hot can help you lose faster and maintain your weight loss.


Step 1

Make sure to eat breakfast.
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Eat breakfast every day. While some dieters skip breakfast to "save" calories, your body needs fuel to get your metabolism going after a long period of rest overnight. Eating a healthy breakfast upon awakening will jolt your metabolism and help you burn more calories than if you skipped your morning meal.

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Step 2

Make sure you are eating at regular intervals throughout the day.
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Eat at regular intervals throughout the day, never going for long periods without food. Illinois State University states that frequent, regular meals and snacks boost your metabolism, whereas avoiding food during the day lowers it. Eat a meal or snack every few hours.


Step 3

Make sure you are consuming enough calories so your metabolism doesn't slow.
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Eat enough calories. Even when dieting, it's crucial to avoid overly restrictive plans that excessively limit caloric intake. College of the Canyons Health Services states that if you reduce your calories too much, your metabolism slows down dramatically in an attempt to protect your body from perceived starvation. California State University at Long Beach recommends no fewer than 1,200 calories per day for women and 1,600 calories for men.


Step 4

Build lean muscle mass by strength training.
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Increase muscle mass through strength training. Strength-training workouts boost your metabolism by building more muscle, which burns more calories than fat. According to College of the Canyons Health Services, building lean muscle mass is the main metabolism-boosting factor under your control. By including strength-training workouts in your diet plan, you'll keep your metabolism revved up for more effective weight loss.



Step 5

Try cardiovascular exercise.
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Include cardiovascular exercise in your diet program as well. Cardiovascular exercise, such as brisk walking, cycling, jogging and swimming, is important for your metabolism. These types of exercise burn major calories during your workout session, and keep your metabolism raised for several hours after your workout, too.


Step 6

Green tea may help boost your metabolism.
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Try green tea. Although more research is needed, the University of Maryland Medical Center states that there is some evidence that green tea may help boost metabolism. Add green tea to your diet plan as a hot or iced beverage, or take green tea extract in supplement form, to potentially speed your metabolism further.


Consult your physician for medical approval before beginning any new diet or exercise plan.

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